Ohsumi Lab

Molecular mechanisms and physiological understanding of autophagy

Since our discovery of autophagy in yeast 27 years ago, the primary objective of...

Taguchi Lab

Molecular mechanisms of chaperones and prions/nascent cell biology

Integrated in vivo and in vitro nascent chain profiling reveals widespread translational pausing...

Iwasaki Lab

Spatio-temporal regulation of chromatin dynamism

Multiple Regulation of Rad51-Mediated Homologous Recombination by Fission Yeast Fbh1...

Kano Lab

Cell-editing technology based on cell-resealing technique

Kano lab is devoted to the development of “Cell-editing technology” to control and design functions and...

Kimura Lab

Dynamics of chromatin and epigenetic regulation in vivo

In multicellular organisms, including human, all cells are derived from a single fertilized egg and so essentially...

Komada Lab

Regulatory mechanisms of growth factor receptor downregulation

The levels of plasma membrane proteins are strictly regulated depending...

Fujita Lab

The molecular mechanisms shaping organelles in muscle cells

Differentiated muscle cells have highly organized organelles, such as Transverse (T)-tubules and sarcoplasmic reticulum...


Specially Appointed Researchers in World Research Hub Initiative (WRHI)

  • Frank Uhlmann (Specially Appointed Professor)
  • Yui Jin (Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
  • Takeshi Shimi (Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
  • Alexander I. May (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor)

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