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  • Masayuki Komada(Professor)Masayuki Komada
  • Toshiaki Fukushima(Assistant Professor)Toshiaki Fukushima
    (Assistant Professor)

Regulatory mechanisms of growth factor receptor downregulation

The levels of plasma membrane proteins are strictly regulated depending on the cellular situations, impairment of which results in a variety of disease conditions. For instance, overexpression of growth factor receptors leads to tumorigenesis. To control the levels of plasma membrane proteins, cells incorporate plasma membrane proteins which should be downregulated by endocytosis, and transport them to the lysosome for degradation. Here, ubiquitination of plasma membrane proteins serves as a tag which selectively directs them to the lysosome.

In Komada Lab, we study the regulatory mechanisms of lysosomal trafficking of plasma membrane proteins (growth factor receptors in particular). In addition, by examining the relevance of their impairment to tumorigenesis, we try to return the results of basic cell biology to medicine and society. Currently, we focus on mutations in the deubiquitinase USP8 which causative of pituitary tumors leading to the intractable disease “Cushing’s disease”.

Regulatory mechanisms of growth factor receptor downregulation

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