The Cell Biology Center brings together leading specialists in the research of cells, the basic units of life, from both inside and outside of Tokyo Tech. The center aims to establish fundamental technology to visualize the structures and functions of cells, analyze cells through molecular mechanism analysis, and manipulate cells through the editing and restructuring of cells. The center seeks to understand molecular mechanisms ? from gene expression and editing to synthesis, modification, and resolution of proteins ? and to elucidate the dynamics of cellular functions. Through advances in cutting-edge research, the center’s overall goal is to clarify vital phenomena at the cellular level and feed fundamental research results back to society through contributions in the field of medicine.

Research goals

The center places priority on becoming a center for cell research by focusing on the achievement of the following three goals:

  • VisualizingVisualizingVisualization and analysis of intracellular structures and molecular activity utilizing next-generation imaging
  • AnalyzingAnalyzingAnalysis of the mechanisms of molecules in major intracellular biological phenomena
  • ManipulatingManipulatingRestructuring intracellular reactions and advanced biological phenomena, and completion of cytoarchitecture with cellular editing technology utilizing semi-intact cell resealing

Understanding cellular mechanism Application for medical and pharmaceutical research

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